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SUPERIOR HULLS INC., is still a private, Canadian company, registered in the province of British-Columbia, and is located in the globally well known city of Victoria.

The company, is the developers and the owners of "SUPERIOR SURFACE-EFFECTS CAPABILITIES" which are yet new Advanced Marine Technologies, tested and demonstrated and safe, market ready for commercialization; where the invention of the FlexiblePowerFINS product-line is a very beneficial and not expensive UpGrade for ANY Marine Hull, and the yet more advanced "Multi Lubrication with Lifting option" of the Superior Surface Effects Hulls design, are still Specialized Consulting Services we can extend to Designers and Naval Architects and Shipyards, plus owners of ships and boats plus builders and as well as Manufacturers of Yachts, Boats and Ships, R&D Companies or Maritime Institutions, worldwide.

Tested Model & Ships

The company's website is @ SuperiorHulls.com

My AVI & MP4 uploads, do not play here; so again, it is the problem of standards, and I did not like the way YouTube destroyed my original, so I have replaced it...

USCIIIIII/usciiiiii-code Global WebSite

Talking to machines which can Understand all Natural Languages!

As an optional automation manufacturing opportunity, we also are the developers of the concept of "Universal, Intelligent, Nomadic In-Cell Manufacturing" capabilities.  The general concept is automated robotic production of our advanced designed "Flying Boats" within a minimum set of two shipping containers which can be licensed for production in any of the many countries, worldwide.  An additional concept, is the advanced automation by personal voice-prints and natural- logic/will of the owner/operator of the small or large factory.

In a world housing more then 8 billion people, who actually have more then one single assigned voice for use - and because we do speak in hundreds of Natural Languages, of which, only few major selected ones are now found for use on the www internet; we are still working within a very limited world; so our solution named as the Universal Standard Coded Internationally Intelligent Intensively Interactive Information Interchange USCIIIIII-CODE is yet to be seen as the promising futuristic technology, the industry has not been able to deliver in its 80 years of evolution since the creation of the modern computers and robots - and the solution we own and propose, is long overdue, as it is suitable for working on Multiple Processors' Computers and Robotics, and while it can work on older/existing and not only on yet "future computers".

The USCIIIIII CODE solution is based on a special Key Academic Solution, with very special historic reasoning and important impact on all future communications where natural languages and natural logic plus natural speech are not limited as these are now.

The Technology is explained in part, without sharing Trade-Secrets at a WebSite at this link @ http://www.surfins.ca/usciiiiii/index.html and it is only a simple draft, but it does show and shares some of its reasonable points illustrated also in a printable document as well as shows future look of information - which is more suitable for human and machine use.

Universally Wise & Intelligent Internet Project

One of the best results from my developed usciiiiii-code will be the Universally Wise & Intelligent Internet, where all Super Natural Languages and Tongues can meet on equal basis like mathematics and binary code and any universal or specific code can deliver - where wireless voice and natural logic are the telemetry employed between two or more persons working or sharing intellectual and artistic know-how and capabilities, with little if any use of input devices like keyboards and mouse which do slow very much human productivity by employing modern advanced computers and robots.  It will facilitate your talking in one language with your voice and can be automatically translated and shared with a person who does not know the language you are are talking and thinking and like to use for communicating with many or all others, worldwide.  The reverse quality of responding to you, in theirs personal voiceprints and in the language you like to hear and read such information will also be live on line in such transmissions.

As these will be the next generation of machines, it will not be delivered before the Olam_Olameet EchoLogical Machines prototype and production have made news!

This project, is not yet posted as a website and is only mentioned in some of the webpages and websites related to the information already available by searching for the usciiiii & usciiiiii drafted proposals.

If you like ami@prepatent.org can help your better understanding or interests.

Investors & Inventors PrePatent PrePartner Registry's Trading-Post

Wise, modern Investors in Inventions, are now WELCOME to the website where INVESTMENTS meet INVENTIONS and successful incubated projects are returning higher profits from proficiencies related to the yet more modern WISDOM we are sharing at the yet the other PrePatent.org website - created for sharing more about the proposal for HOW TO DO IT of interest also for Governments, Industries and Business.

WWW.prepatent.org Is now on line, as a model for government and industry in a free yet organized method named The Super Economy set for international commercialization of Globally organized Intellectual Properties Industry. This is only the-read only & Vote (+Site-map...) FRONT WINDOW Layer, and the actual website is now ready for serving inventors and investors and all institutional and incorporated interests within the industry. AS FREE  (email verified) Members/Users/Managers of potential extended services to all service providers in the Professional Patenting Industry. 
This website model of the method, is posted for your information as 'open innovation' initiative in the best interests of the Industry, and is most suitable for novice and experienced inventors plus investors wishing to employ the method to gain secured phenomenal growth yet, this actual Proposal for Government is still in private hands and is in use successfully by ourselves already for more then 3 decades is the best most suitable advice and help to real wise independent inventors and investors.

Social Networking HUB

My Social Networking HUB is located where many good people have websites sharing information on good health and joys of life plus information and help, so this is where I also had added my group for A Better World, where my sharing is related to helping the next generations, our children, as well as the ones among us who prescribe to the Virtues Money can not Buy, the best that life has to offer, that no store or book can grant you, and where your subconscience can meet with your conscientiousness in the best way we were created and can evolve.

These are related to Alohim (GOD @ Alohim.org) and its Eye In The Sky seen as The-Twin Rainbow or better yet, like twin circular 3D reversed spectrum - if and when you can see it from above the clouds while looking down on to our dear planet Earth.


http://Alohim.org is where the original Moral Design explanation for the usciiiiii-code was posted - for the Universally Natural, Wise and Intelligent Internet project - as part of the EchoLogical Machine design - where the Lexical code for Universal Super Natural Language-Tongue SynTexting Technology acts as the new-miracle numerical machine invention I own - and my/the hope for the Twin-Rainbow to be seen clearer again, as in our past - is my/our wish for the yet bigger miracle within our universe for all life and the living, in the near future beyond us in the becoming world of haAdam and us...

The website is part of a much larger set of websites under continuous annual development and updates, which are related to the EchoLogical Machine Project's "Book for Serving Angels"
from the projects GURU, Amnon M. Cohen (YisraeliCanadian)


http://elohim.alohim.org explains the reason why Super Natural Language tongue must be SynTexted so that binary logic machines can interact with humans in real natural ways and not simulated of distorted ways.

It also explains why Elohim is the wrong DEVIATION from Alohim!

The website is part of a set of websites under development, and related to the EchoLogical Machine Project's "Book for Serving Angels"


http://holylands.bravehost.com/index.html is where I start explaining and showing people and not only computers, the importance of original purity as created and why it is needed for everness to be kept and not destroyed from and by the ignorance of ignoring truths and realities in facts.

I shall explain why there is no such thing named Double-Rainbow, and the facts of its-being as well as its historic significance to our forefathers as well as all future generations; and its full significance spiritually and as an indicator of our gifted Earth's Health, as well as its potential employment for computations and in the final linking of the Human Mind with the Universally Intelligent Electronic Brain, of the EchoLogical Machine design.

The website is part of a set of websites under development, and related to the EchoLogical Machine Project's "Book for Serving Angels"

Yisrael, as a blessing for us all.

"The Update" on "THE BIBLE" is that we know our world is circulating the sun with its moon each year within the universe, as a 'blue marble' non of the generations before us had ever seen - a view from space and the best view ever into our universe.Yisrael, the nation who followed since the beginning of human evolution into awareness and knowledge from fear, still has some of the best new science of value and benefits for all people, as we seem to never see much newer truth or fact to what we have been already told - and it is only in the understanding of the way we are created by nature and the way we use our free choices in life...

By God's design

Alohim's website, is a special information web-space we have secured for assisting further research into claims I am making in the honor of my chosen forefathers, since haAdam haRishon.

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הגנה על זכויות הממציא ללא הגנה מיסחרית גמכן, דרך פטנט רשום או בקשה לפטנט - מסוכנת מבחינות רבות, שבעיקרן גם סכנה לצרכן ולא רק לממציא קודמכל ולמשקיעים כספים וערכים ממשיים - סכנות מכל מי שלא מבין ויודע את כל אם לא רוב הכרוך בסודות הדבר.    לכן, הגנה מיסחרית היא ההגנה הראשונה שממציא ומשקיע חכמים היום ולעתיד משיגים לפני הפטנט, כדי לעמוד כנגד חברות ענק בתחום עם כוחות כלכלים ועורכי-דין ממולחים ומנוסים וחכמים וערמומים.  ראה עובדות כגון 94% של האמצאות אינן בשוק או ידועים, והיחידים שיכולים להגן על פטנטים חדשים, הן חברות-הענק שכבר בשוק.! - ולכן פיתחתי את השיטה המבורכת  לעולם   באנגלית  

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